Saturday, February 16, 2013

Video Mt Lemmon Climb

Tuesday, Feb 12, 2013

Here's the video of the climb up Mt Lemmon on day 2.5 of my Training Trip.  Kevin and I left the Marriott Star Pass at 10:40 AM and returned at 7 PM in the dark. We made plenty of stops.  General Hitchcock Hwy (the road up Mt Lemmon) was closed when we arrived at the base for ice removal at the top, so Kevin and I added on a 8-10 mile loop after chatting with the Sheriff's Deputies for 30 minutes.

Kevin made it to the top/un-plowed road (mile 25), which was as far as possible on the day.  I made it to mile 20, after stopping to warm my hand via crotch.  We both froze on the descent at sun down.   It was the coldest I've every been period - not just a bike ride.  Kevin also concurs.  I had to look at my hands to verify they were still holding on to the brake levers and was shaking uncontrollably.  I couldn't speak, just grunt, because my face was numb.  We were pushing the envelop of tough or stupid, but that's what makes an epic ride.

Temp at the bottom 55 F - start of climb

Temp at the top 19 F - star of descent

Total ride: 109 mile, 8 hours
Mt Lemmon Climb - base to Ski area turn off:
25 miles
~6000 ft of climbing
~9000 ft Altitude (Mt Lemmon observatory is 9157 ft)

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