Wednesday, February 20, 2013

2013 Training Trip - Day 4

Gen. Hitchcock Hwy - Mt Lemmon

Thursday, Feburary 14

Back in the saddle again - This time Greg and I aid going up Mt Lemmon to mile 15 of the climb.  The estimated ride time was 5 hours.  Mt Lemmon is common theme for me because it's safe, low on air pollution, and scenic.

At this point our leg and crotches are stiff and chaffed.  I haven't ridden a bike since Sept 2012.  I felt aweful at the start of the ride, but as my legs warmed up my muscles started to move easier.

My bike suffer the first flat of the trip.  A thumb tack in the front wheel around mile 2.  After that bad luck, we had a stroke of good luck.  My brother got us appointments for massage immediately after our ride at Desending Dragon.  My brother and sister-in law are staff members there, and they worked us into the schedule.
4500 E Speedway Ave, Tucson AZ 520-404-4869

My brother, Brent, also has his own practice and treatment room at his resistance.  However, it was out of commission while Greg and I were there because we converted into our home.  However, Brent still treats people there, just not when we're living in it.  If your in town trainning and  need accupunture or massage, please give Brent a call -

You can see more picture from the day on Greg's article, Big Miles with DKT.

2013 Tucson Triaining Trip

Day 1 Subtotal: Swim .9 hours, Bike 0 hours, Run .9 hours = 1.8 hours

Day 2  Subtotal: Swim 0 hours, Bike 8 hours, Run 0 hours = 8.0 hours

Day 3 Subtotal: Swim 1 hour, Bike 2.5 hours, Run .5 hours = 4.0 hours

Day 4 Subtotal: Swim 1 hour, Bike 4.8 hours, Run 0 hours = 5.8 hours

Total = 19.6 hours

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