Monday, February 13, 2012

Epipment - Training Trip

Bike: 2007 Felt F1X (cyclo cross frame)
Wheels: Zipp 303 Clincher front, 404 Clincher Rear PT
Components: Sram Rivial, Zipp H-Bar and Stem

I packed this bike for the training trip because it doesn't has a BB30 bottom bracket.  I have to remove my crank when I packed my bike, so packing a new BB30 frame takes more time.  My BB30 frame has a tight tolerance fit, so I have to tap the crank in and out with rubber mallet.  I didn't want to risk having to press the bearings back in if they popped out.  It might not have been a problem, but I wanted to keep it simple.  In the future, I can use an adapter. (Note: BB30 is lighter and stiffer)

Cockpit: Garmin 705
Contour HD Camera

I brought the camera in case there was a traffic accident. Hopefully, my wife would have some evidence to prosecute.  I more pessimistic veiw after being herassed and almost run over a couple last season.

As consilation, I hoping to get some good 1st person footage of riding up and down Mt Lemon.  With GPS data and footage and can produce my own trainer dvd for next winter.