Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I mentioned Kenyans so this came to mind...

I mentioned Kenyans in my last post about Lil and this came to mind.  If you haven't heard of Power Thirst, it's worth a watch.

New Training Partner - Little Dawg

Hannah and Henry found a German Short-hair loose in an alley on their walk last Sunday.  We've been calling her Little Dawg - aka "Lil", aka Lilly.  We did get permission for our friend who's name is Lilly to name Little Dawg after her.  She is posted on Craig List, the Animal Humane Society, and a few other websites.  We've recieved probably 20 different calls about her.  Unfortunately, none matched up, which is sad becasue there are 20 other lost dogs in the area.  Hannah also walked the neighborhood showing off the dog to anyone she saw, but no takers. Lil did have a collar but no tags and no micro chip.  So, right now it looks like I have a new training partner.  This is great because Henry has gotten too big to be a distance runner and lost interest.  Henry is now an 80 pound dog.  He's good for intervals on the track or about 2 miles fast.  Lil is built more like a Kenyan distance runner.