Monday, May 30, 2011

Rev 3 Knoxville, Memphis in May, and Cap Tex Tri

Pole position at Memphis in May Triathlon
Overall, I'm seeing improvements and racing myself back into shape. I finished 6th today losing a sprint finish to Matt Reed.  The good news is I caught him on the run.  In Memphis, I finished 4th and at Rev3 Knoxville I managed 7th.

 Memphis in May went a little better I rode well and ran okay. I averaged 28.7mph on the bike, which is pancake flat.  The run was long, so it's hard to compare my time to other races.  But, I ran okay relative to the competition.  The weather probably help us out a bit.  It rained most of the bike, but the lightening stopped just long enough for us to get out to the water.  At the this race the pro started last, so most of the age groupers were done when we started.  If it hadn't race and stayed cloudy it would've been super hot (90s and humid).

At Rev3 I had a better swim - not great but better.  Overall, I'll take the improvement in fitness and results.

TTN Rev3 Knoxville & Memphis in May Triathlon Race Report

Sunday, May 1, 2011

St Anthony's 2011

Butt Kicking, Ass Kicking - That seemed to be the consensus of a men's pro field about the race today.  Bevan Docherty summed it up in his Tweet - "Just got my ass kicked at St Anthony's, 9th! You really have 2 specialize in the type of Triathlon u do now days! Drafting or Non drafting!"  I'd put myself in the same lot.  I was happy with my effort.  My fitness level just isn't up to par yet.  I ended up 13th. With 54 men in the field must of us got our "schooled" today.

This was the largest and best field I've seen in the in a long time.  54 men started the race.  Welcome to a non-drafting world cup.  Other notes for the race were a short swim because of wind.  Organizers made a modified 1000 m rectangular course North of transition with a long run to transition.  The regular 1500 m course is Spa Beach South of the course.  This was also the 2nd race in the 5150 series, so I did get some series points.

I guess it was an exciting finish.  After the 5k run turn around, I thought Cameron Dye had it in the bag, but Matt Reed and Filip Ospaly caught him in the finishing shoot.  Here's the results

Men's Results

1.            Filip Ospaly         1:41:22
2.            Matthew Reed     1:41:36
3.            Cameron Dye      1:41:41
4.            Stuart Hayes        1:42:03
5.            Benjamin Collins  1:42:13
6.            Andy Potts           1:42:38
7.            Kris Gemmell       1:43:02
8.            Paul Matthews     1:43:17
9.            Bevan Docherty   1:43:56
10.          Chris Foster         1:44:07
11.          Stanislov Krylov   1:44:46
12.          Kaleb Vanort       1:44:48
13.          David Thompson  1:45:13
14.          Kevin Everett       1:45:28
15.          Michael Poole      1:45:49