Saturday, August 4, 2012

Giant Eagle Triathlon

Racing well at Giant Eagle Triathlon was a pleasant surprise.  I won the men's race and Becky Lavelle won the women's race.  Three weeks earlier Kaleb Van Ort got the better of me in the last mile of the New York City Triathlon.  This time I was able to get a big enough lead on the bike to hold him off on the run.  Getting run down at the finish gets old fast.
 Kabel ran at Norte Dame and has had the fastest run splits at most of the races this year.  He also improved his swim and bike, so beating him isn't a easy task.

Giant Eagle Triathlon is in Columbus, OH.  It's a point to point race from Alum State Park to downtown Columbus.  The logistics made for an early morning.  I got up a 3:50 AM or 2:50 Central Time Zone to get my shoes to T2 and ride the shuttle to T1 for a 6:30 AM start.

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