Monday, August 6, 2012

Thompson Speaks - Slowtwitch

David Thompson Speaks

Written by: Greg Kopecky
Date: Tue Jul 24 2012
David Kennedy Thompson (also known simply as DKT) is a long-time American professional triathlete. With a humble and calm demeanor, his persona flies under the radar - that is, until you watch him race..

Slowtwitch: Thanks for the interview.

David Thompson: No problem; I love interviews. In fact, there’re probably on my top-100 favorite things to do… which is why I do so many.

ST: For those who may not know of David Kennedy Thompson, please tell us a little bit about your background and how you got in to triathlon.

DKT: I found triathlon through injuries and other sports. In high school, my neighbor and I started riding bikes to school to increase our training volume for track. Lac qui Parle Valley High School was a coalition school located in a farm field between towns. The 9 mile ride seems minor now, but it was an adventure for us. Conditions were unfavorable: no shoulder, eighteen-wheelers, no helmets, borrowed Schwinn 10 speeds, and no spare tubes. Ignorance was bliss. Anyway, that’s how I got my start with road cycling. Soon, I blew all my graduation money on the most expensive road bike at the local bike/vacuum dealer 30 miles away. I pointed at the best bike in the Schwinn catalog had it special ordered. At $960, it was definitely the most expensive bike in the four county area.

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  1. DKT! I am a local MN Triathlete and I have grade III chondromalacia on the lateral compartment of my knee. I see you are still racing and doing great! Have you had any surgeries to help (microfracture) or are u just doing synvisc or things like that for now? I truly love running and tri's and this is frustrating to deal with for sure. Any tips would be much appreciated. :)