Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Top Ten Reasons to do Trinona Next Year

I think Trinona is my new favorite race, displacing Escape from Alcatraz.

10. Adhesize bike numbers: No tape or pins required.  White numbers on black background was unique too.

9. They have race T-Shirts that my wife will actually let me wear outside the house.

8. Winona is only a 2 hour 20 min scenic drive from the Twin Cities

7. Choice of Sprint or Olympic distances.

6. Great city park for the race venue and plenty of close parking.
5. A super "cute" kids race the day before.  Great if you have young ones, and incredibly fun to watch.

4. Four Hotels with in 1 mile of transition

3. King of the Bluffs competition - toughest Olympic distance bike course in the Midwest.

2. Substantial hardware.  Trophies are made of stone and are worth keeping

And, the number one reason for doing Trinona is...

1. Podium Girls - That's all you need to know.  Why aren't you signed up and training for next year.


  1. My third Trinona and yes, standing on the podium was good.

  2. Rich will be signing up and getting on the podium even if he doesnt place.