Wednesday, June 22, 2011

DC Triathlon

I felt like crap the entire race, but my result wasn't too crappy.

Top Six: Becky L, DKT, Nicole K, Tim R, Alicia K, Paul M, Rebecca W, Jordan J, Laurel W, Holden C, Tenille H
I finished 3rd at the DC Triathlon Sunday.  I had a good swim for me, which probably saved the day.  I came out just 30 seconds behind the leaders, except John Kenny.  He was off the front.  The bike ride was a struggle.  My legs felt weak and burned the entire race, but I did ride to the leaders.  Paul Matthews rode off the front gaining a 2 minute advantage going into T2.  I came into T2 in 3rd, 30 seconds down on Jordan Jones.  Tim Reed ran up to me and we ran together until mile 4 when we both passed Jordan Jones.  Tim slipped away and finished 20 seconds up on me.  Paul was 90 seconds ahead.  My run was okay, but slightly off pace.  I was happy to cross the line.

This result put me in 8th for the 5150 series, so I should make it to the Championship race in Des Moines.

Series Standings

Men's Results
Paul Matthews       1:49:58
Tim Reed               1:51:05
David Thompson   1:51:24
Jordan Jones          1:51:50
Holden Comeau    1:52:38

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