Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Philly Triathlon

I ended up 7th at the Philadelphia Triathlon, which isn't a great result or worth much money.  However, I was happy with the progression of my fitness.  The swim was good.  The bike was poor but I haven't been working on it.  The run was okay despite being tired from training.

The race was great: perfect weather, good road conditions, and a great home stay.  Thanks again to the Ryans for hosting me for the 5th time.  If you want to do a destination urban race, Philly is a great race to do.

Andy Potts           1:46:06
Matt Reed            1:46:47
Greg Bennet        1:46:48
Cameron Dye       1:48:23
Chris Foster         1:49:32
Andrew Yoder      1:49:41
David Thompson 1:50:54
Tim Reed             1:51:49
Holden Cameau   1:52:00
Stephen Hacket    1:52:53

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