Monday, August 30, 2010

Pigman Half

This was the hottest Pigman I've ever experienced.  The good thing is that the race gave everyone something to talk about.  If you finished the race, you have a great story of perseverance for the water cooler for the next 10 years.  If you didn't finish, you have a great near death story for the water cooler for the next 10 years.

Personally, I had a good day.  I was hoping to make it a good training day.  When I can get out in front early, I can race at my own pace the rest of the way.  I go fast when I feel good and slower when I don't.  Racing someone adds unwanted periods of overexertion.  In the swim, Thaddeus Ingersoll gave me a good draft the whole way.  We did have a problem with the fog.  Thad got off course twice, but a boat and I got him back on track.  Thad and I came out of the water with a big lead, so I was able to practice my pace for my up coming Rev3 Full (ironman distance race) on Sept 12.  The bike went perfectly.  I had a good lead at the the bike turn around (mile 25.5) and extended it to T2.  Fellow Gear West athletes Josh Riff, Dan Cohen, and Thad Ingersoll were in 2nd, 3rd, and 5th at the turn around.

With the heat, the run was the worst leg of the race.  The air felt like it was in the 90s and humid.  I can't verify this because Honda doesn't make a temperature gauge standard on it's Pilot model.  Aid stations were spaced about a mile apart, so I was able to manage my body temperature by putting ice down paints, pouring water over my head, and drinking energy drink at every aid station.  I set out at a conservative pace and held it the whole way.  The plan was to run an additional 6 or 7 miles after the race, which I felt good enough to do.

I started running my extra miles carrying an ice cold beer which tasted great, but probably looked odd to the spectators.  I'm glad I ran back out on the race course because I got to see some good racing.  Josh Riff cruised to a second place finish, but things were radically changing for the remaining money spots.  Dan Cohen who was in 3rd had circum to the heat.  Thaddeus who was in 8th at the run turn around had moved up to 5th, but looked like death.  However, his pursers didn't look much better except for one, Barry Breffle.  Kevin and I stopped to cheer for Thad at about mile 11.5.  At that point, I thought Thad could still hold onto 5th.  I had been in a similar situation in 2001 at the same race at point in the race.  Barry did pass Thad around mile 12 and the other 2 close chasers got by him too.  However, when you get passed by a guy who can't swing one of his arms anymore, you know both of these guys are at their limit.  I wish had video camera.  It was the race of the zombies.  Thad finished 8th in the elite wave but was out split by 2 guys in the age group waves.  Thad tough work did way off because he helped Gear West claim the club title.

Everyone who finished that day had a good race.  The condition were tough.

Men's Results
1 David Thompson      4:01:26
2 Josh Riff                   4:15:31
3 Adam Bohach           4:18:37
4 Scott Bredehoft        4:24:33
5 Dave Lyon               4:28:20
6 Barry Breffle             4:32:31
7 Jason Maurice          4:33:47
8 Lee Saeugling           4:34:01
9 Rick Lapinski           4:34:50
10 Thaddeus Ingersoll 4:35:14

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