Wednesday, August 4, 2010

House Race Weekend

DKT - second lap at Brew House

This was the weekend of the house races - Fire House 50 Time Trial on Saturday and Brew House Triathlon on Sunday.  The Fire House 50 four man team time trial didn't go so well.  One of our team members missed the start and two of us got flat tires.  We did manage to get three guys across the line for a slow but official time.

Devon told us he missed the start because he rode by a port-a-potty during warm up.  He had heard of these things before but had never seen one.  He had to stop and check it out.  Time just flew by as stood in line to see the port-a-potty and thus missed the start.

Kevin got the first flat of the day at mile 16.  There was no mistake about Kevin having a flat.  His tire ruptured with head jerking pop and supersonic whistle.  Fortunately, there was no loss of control before he wished Curt and I good luck and pulled off the road.  Curt and I continued on for another 30 miles before I flatted on the home stretch.  I went through a patch of rock and a few stuck to my tire.  The incident create a concerning grinding sound as rocks bounced off the aero cut-out on my bike frame.  There were a few seconds of relief after the noise passed before a mild whistle indicated I would soon be riding the last 4 miles with no air in my rear tire.  Devon finish about 15 minutes after Curt and I, so we were not even close to our record.  However, Kevin and I did ride some extra miles after the race.  I got in a 100 miles in before heading  to Duluth.

Only Devon and I did the Brew House Triathlon the following day.  Kevin and Curt headed back to spend time with there families.  I ended up winning 1 hour 33 minutes and change.  Fellow Gear West teammate, Thaddeus Ingersoll, lead me through the .8 mile swim and ran hard for a 6th place finish.  Devon finish 2nd and should be happy with his result after time trailing solo for 50 miles the day before.  The weather was perfect.  I hope everyone else enjoy the race as much as I did.  See this link for the Duluth New Tribune race coverage.

Mens Results

1.David Thompson 1:33:33
2.Devon Palmer 1:37:31
3.Rhett Bonner 1:40:21
4.Chris Leiferman 1:41:00
5.Josh Blankenheim 1:42:02
6.Thaddeus Ingersoll 1:42:56

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