Monday, August 2, 2010

Chisago Half

Mile 12 Chisago Half
Pre-race Game Faces
The weather has been perfect in Minnesota so far this year for races and training.  Great weather makes racing so much more fun. The sunny day at Chisago helped the race go well for both Hannah and I.  Hannah did the sprint and then rushed off to work.  I did the half and then rode home from the race with Dan Hedgecock.  I finished in a tired 3 hours 55 minutes if I remember correctly.  You can verify my time here.  I came out of the water 1st and was able to cruise most of the race.  The heat on the run did tire me out, and I was ready to be done.  Thanks again to everyone who had words of encouragement for me on the run.  I hope you enjoyed every minute of the run too.

If you haven't done this race before, I would highly recommend it.  The bike course has change over the last three years.  I thought the changes to the bike course this year were great.  It was 56.3 miles according to my bike computer and the road surface was almost perfect of 80% of the ride.  Yes, there was a rough section on the North part of the course, but this is Minnesota.  Frost heaves are inevitable.  The run is relatively flat.  The three hills are perfectly spaced to prevent boredom.


1 Thompson, David St Paul, MN    3:55:24
2 Riff, Joshua Edina, MN         4:07:59
3 Payne, Matthew Columbia, MN    4:11:00
4 Henkel, Justin Kohler, WI      4:14:11
5 Landgraff, Todd N Mankato, MN  4:20:47

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