Monday, September 3, 2012

Hy Vee 5150 Championship

Start of the Run: 17 seconds back from Greg

  • 9th is a good result.  It's a good pay day - 4 times what I earned for winning New Orleans 5150 or Giant Eagle 5150.
 Swim, Bike, Run
  • Swim - was okay.  I would have like to swim a little faster, saving energy in the group I ended up in after the first loop seemed tactically correct plan.
  • Bike - saved the day.  I do well on fast corners and downhills.  I also had better than expected legs.
  • Run - as good as can be expected.  My time was atrocious, but I was happy to finish.  There was a chance I won't be able to run the entire 10k.  I've been unable to run for the last 5 weeks because of my piriformis.  Tightness in my piriformis is causing problems throughout my right leg: gluet, IT band, knee, calf, and ankle.

  • The water was hot, which lead to a hot hard bike, which meant a hot run.  The temp was probably around 90 degrees.  Weather forecast ranged between 85 and 97 degrees. 
30 seconds later: Hunter, Josh, Javier, Alistar, Stewart, & More
 IndyStar coverage


  1. FINE WORK! The speed at which you guys race is mind blowing.
    Sorry to hear that your right leg is giving you problems. What are you doing about that? What is the treatment?
    How does it feel to be standing amongst the fastest men out there?
    Again you may not remember me but I was the fool you sat next to in the bus at the Columbus, OH Giant Eagle 5150.
    What is next for you?
    Best of luck in what ever it is you are doing next.
    Someday when I am more organized I will be a fraction of your speed... a tiny fraction of that speed.
    All the Best!

  2. Hey David, hope your piriformis is feeling better now after some rest know i always have ideas on this stuff so happy to share if you are interested!
    See you soon.

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