Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rev 3 Olympic Knoxville

It wasn't the performance I hoped for, so it was just a good training day. However, the Rev 3 Knoxville race was quite impressive. The swim was a fast point to point course in the Tennessee River. The bike course was challenging, technical, scenic and fun, similar the Rev 3 Half bike course in Connecticut. The hilly Knoxville area put the bike back in this triathlon. The run course was a run course, but nothing to complain about. The highlight for spectators and family was the "jumbo-tron" TV and inflatable play area for Kids in the finish/expo area.

As for the race, I swam hard, but I still need to do more training. This is normal for me this time of year. The bike leg is where I didn't show off my potential. I don't quite have my "mojo" yet. Hopefully, It's just a little early and some fatigue from 3 consecutive weekend of racing. Going into the run, I didn't set myself up to finish the run in a good position. I finished 13th in a competitive field of 35 male pros, but not where I would have liked.

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