Thursday, May 27, 2010

Felt AR1 - Zipp Sram Training Bike

There is no real need for me to post this bike, but it is one of a kind and nice to look at.  The 2009 Felt AR1 actually came to me as a team bike, meaning it's painted in baby blue and orange argyle colors of the Pro Tour Garmin Slipstream Team.  Notice the Garmin logo on the top tube.  Since, I don't race for that team and red matches the Gear West colors much beter, I use a method of masking tape and red vinyl stickers to convert the paint scheme to red and white.  I also had to cover up all the team sponsors with black elctrical tape as they conflicted with my personal sponsors.  Everyone, who's seen the bike likes the look and hasn't noticed the cosmetic touch ups, unless I told them.  However, it did take me about 6 hours to complete.

Frame: 2009 Felt AR1 56cm
Components: Sram Red
Wheels: Zipp 404 Firecrest Carbon Clinchers - test wheels
Power meter: Sram S975 Quarq Cinqo Saturn
Stem/Handle Bar: Zipp SL145 Carbon, Zipp SL Carbon Bar


  1. David would like to get your take on the new Zipp fire crest 404's. Seems like Zipp yet again has a great product. As always great race at Apple Du seems you are always on top of your game. PM

  2. I think the 404 Carbon Clincher is going to be a big hit for Zipp. I'll probably still ride tubulars for races. Tubulars still have some advantages:
    -reduced risk of pinch flats
    -bigger tire pressure range
    -ability to ride with a flat tire
    -tubular 404 weighs less (1278g vs 1557g)
    However, the new carbon clincher is the lightest clincher out there, so if you're looking for the best conbination of a training and racing wheel out there, this is.

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