Monday, September 12, 2011

Rev 3 Full

This is illustrates how I feel today.
I'm calling the Rev 3 Full a success.  I didn't beat last year's time or win the race.  However, I went 8:38:32 without training for the distance at all.  My longest run was at Pigman Half, which was also my longest bike ride.  In the end, I finished third, but didn't get the run I was hoping for.

My splits for the day were 50:17 for 1.2 mi swim, 4:43:01 for 112-113 mi bike, and 3:02:28 for 26.1 mi run.  The bike course was slightly different this year because of construction.  Some people told me their bike computers measured the course to be 113 miles in distance.  Hopefully, no body complains because the construction was supposed to be done, but it wasn't.  Rev 3 had to come up with a new course 3 days before the race.

The plan was to swim and ride easy, and run to win.  I thought is was possible for me to run a high 2:30s.  The run started out great.  I ran just over 6 minute pace without pushing myself.  I had to take a number 2 port-a-potty break around mile 7.  At that point, I had cut the leaders gap from 17 minutes to 12 and 9 minutes.  Grahm O'Grady was leading and Andrew Starykowvicz was second.   Chris McDonald was behind me about 8 or 9 minutes.  Chris actually went off course on the bike lrg which added about14 to 20 minutes onto his bike time.  Kudos to him for soldering on.

I had make another port-a-potty stop 15 minutes after the first, which wasn't a good sign.  It was all liquid, which meant my hydration was off - not enough sodium or something.  After that, I never got back into a running rhythm.  My feet started barking at me and 7:10 was as good as it got.  The good news is that I didn't re-injure my Knee.  I've patella chondromalacia (damage to knee cartilage).  Last year the race did a number on my knee, and I could do anything until February.

Last years race compared to 2011
Year     Swim       Bike         Run         Total
2010    53:01        4:35:57    3:04:07   8:35:48
2011    50:17        4:43:01    3:02:28   8:38:28

2011 Run Splits
1        2        3       4       5       6       7        8        9        10        11       12       13       
6:00  6:01   6:02  6:08  6:13  6:10  7:32  6:11   6:15    11:03   6:20    6:23    6:30

14      15      16     17     18     19      20      21      22       23       24       25       26
6:39   7:09   7:21  7:23  7:20  7:15  7:10   7:26    7:25   7:01   7:18     7:25    7:19

The Rev 3 Full was at Cedar Point is a great race and would recommend it to anyone.  However, if I wasn't racing for money I would choice the half option.


  1. Ha I have too many stairs in my house as well. Good Job David!

  2. Stud!! Great report and race! Best of luck on the rest of your season.