Monday, August 22, 2011

Piggy Man or Pigman

Pigman Half had it's best weather ever yesterday.  Temperatures in the mid 70's, suprisingly low humidity and wind made for a PR day for most returning pig men and women.  I also was able lower my course record from 3:57 something to 3:53:03.  Most of the drop came from a faster run (1:14:30).  The run course has no shade and bakes athletes into crispy Lycra treats, so cooler temperatures helps a great deal.

The Gear West crew was happy to take the club competition too.  Kevin O'Connor, Thad Ingersoll, Kortney Haag, Suzie Finger, and I made up the 2 women 3 men combo.


  1. hey David,
    i was one of the volunteer photographers at the nautica nyc tri and snapped a picture of you finishing up your bike leg, heading into the transition.

    feel free to use on your blog, website, print, etc.

    all the best in your future races!

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