Sunday, May 1, 2011

St Anthony's 2011

Butt Kicking, Ass Kicking - That seemed to be the consensus of a men's pro field about the race today.  Bevan Docherty summed it up in his Tweet - "Just got my ass kicked at St Anthony's, 9th! You really have 2 specialize in the type of Triathlon u do now days! Drafting or Non drafting!"  I'd put myself in the same lot.  I was happy with my effort.  My fitness level just isn't up to par yet.  I ended up 13th. With 54 men in the field must of us got our "schooled" today.

This was the largest and best field I've seen in the in a long time.  54 men started the race.  Welcome to a non-drafting world cup.  Other notes for the race were a short swim because of wind.  Organizers made a modified 1000 m rectangular course North of transition with a long run to transition.  The regular 1500 m course is Spa Beach South of the course.  This was also the 2nd race in the 5150 series, so I did get some series points.

I guess it was an exciting finish.  After the 5k run turn around, I thought Cameron Dye had it in the bag, but Matt Reed and Filip Ospaly caught him in the finishing shoot.  Here's the results

Men's Results

1.            Filip Ospaly         1:41:22
2.            Matthew Reed     1:41:36
3.            Cameron Dye      1:41:41
4.            Stuart Hayes        1:42:03
5.            Benjamin Collins  1:42:13
6.            Andy Potts           1:42:38
7.            Kris Gemmell       1:43:02
8.            Paul Matthews     1:43:17
9.            Bevan Docherty   1:43:56
10.          Chris Foster         1:44:07
11.          Stanislov Krylov   1:44:46
12.          Kaleb Vanort       1:44:48
13.          David Thompson  1:45:13
14.          Kevin Everett       1:45:28
15.          Michael Poole      1:45:49

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