Sunday, April 10, 2011

Unofficial Nautica South Beach Tri Race Report

Eric Wynn Photo
What is official these days?  Here's the results as best I can remember.

1. Cameron Dye
2. Andy Potts
3. Filip Ospaly
4. Michael Weiss
5. Andrew Yoder
6. Kaleb Vanort
7. Vladimer Polikarpenko
8. David Thompson
9. Unknown European
10. Dirk Bockel

I was happy with my result.  A top ten is good for me this time of year.  Swim, bike, and run were all okay.  Nothing to brag about, so I don't need to keep writing.  The official TTN video report will be out tomorrow.  For the women.  Sarah Haskin's won.  Becky Lavalle was 6th, and that is the extent of my knowledge.  Other note, pro men and women started together.  I don't know if this was good or bad for me or any one else.  Miami Beach was beautiful.  The water was crystal clear, but the run course on the board walk wasn't.  I think a few wondering walkers got run over.  You think they would figure out that they're in the middle of a race the first time we go by.

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