Sunday, June 27, 2010

Philadelphia Triathlon

The Philly Triathlon continues to treat me well.  I finished 2nd today behind Bevan Docherty.  The weather was extremely hot and humid.  The water temperature was 84 degrees.  Unfortunately, the swim was canceled because there was a on going search for a swimmer, who went missing in Sprint Triathlon on Saturday.  The race was changed to a 5k, 40k, 10k duathlon.  Bevan ran the first 5k off the front about 30 seconds ahead of a chase group of 8 which I was in.  This bike course is one of my favorites.  It's two loops with 4 hills per loop.  There are also some fast technical down hills which are fun.  I didn't manage to bring any time back on Bevan on the first lap, but did manage to bring back about 15 to 20 seconds by Lemon Hill on the second lap.  Lemon Hill is at about 3/4 through each lap.  On the last up hill before the fast down hill to transition, I was flying up behind Bevan.  After the race, I found out he got a flat shortly before I caught him.  Anyway, I was in and out of T2 in first.  The gap was about 10 seconds.  Tyler Butterfield, Matt Reed, , Andrew Starykowciz, Andrew Yoder, and John Kenny trailed starting about 1:30 back.  Bevan passed my about 1 mile into the run.  I tried to hang on his feet but it wasn't happening.  The heat wasn't making it any easier.  With a good gap behind me, I needed to back off.  It wasn't worth risking overheating trying to stay with Bevan and losing 2nd.  At the finish, I was happy with my performance.  The splits weren't that impressive because of the heat.  But, I had respectable run splits relative to Bevan, Matt and Tyler.  All three are excellent runners.

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Mens Results

MATTY REED01:55:48
JOHN KENNY01:56:15

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